Teaching Friday Night Python Class at The Academy of Art University!

I’m pretty stoked to teach anyone who wants to spend their Friday nights learning python in Maya.  To my students I say: “I promise you will learn a thing or two about Python coding.”


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“Intro to PyMEL Part 1″ is available!

intro to pymel

I have been creating an Intro to PyMEL training video for some time now. After many months and technical setbacks, it’s finally published and ready to view.

Here is a quick 60 second trailer of the content:


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It’s been awhile

It’s been awhile. I’ve been working at ILM for the past year and a half now. I’ve worked on Pirates 4, Super 8, Avengers (1), GI Joe 2. Lot’s of great shots to work on and lots of IMDB listings.

I’m in the training dept when I’m not working on shows so I get to document and teach all the new techniques and software. Pretty awesome. So many smart people here.

I’ve also been moonlight rigging for friends and coworkers. Soon (… yeah right) I’ll post some rigs I’ve made. Maybe even make the available for purchase so you can have some new rig to animate with (I’m talking to you AM Bishop lovers).

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Tangled! Back to classic Disney animation!

I saw Tangled this weekend and was blown away. It was 1000% better than I expected. And I love that there were NO pop culture jokes… except for Cher (see below). Thank you to whomever made that choice at Disney.

First the animation:
Strong posing and timing on all the characters makes popcorn taste better. And Glen Keane’s character design replaces the butter baby!
My favorite was Maximus the horse. Here is a clip of some of his brilliant animation. Congratulations to the animators involved with this piece and all the Maximus bits:

Something about Tangled feels “right.” The character design, the animation choices, the story, it all comes together. And it’s a princess story which is Disney bread and butter. I loved the emotion I felt for the king and his wife losing their child ( I have a baby now too so I guess I could relate). Even the extras in the Snuggly Duckling musical number blew me away. I would like to know who directed that scene. Was it Glen Keane before he left the project or the two new directors.

The Deformation:
I love to see good rig deformation. The geometry deformation and the face rigs were perfect in every way.
At IMD we got to use the same system for hair WDFA used for Tangled. Rapunzel’s hair was fantastically animated and rendered. This hair system (not sure if I can name it legally) is probably the most amazing 3D development I’ve seen on the screen since The Incredibles‘ Elasti-Girl’s body deformations. I love watching a movie and being amazed by the deformations of the character rigs and feeling like I have a lot to learn as a rigger; I had this feeling after watching Tangled.

I know it’s not just me…. but the resemblance of Cher (circa Moonstruck) to Mother Gothel was hilarious.

In fact this week she had the cover of Vanity Fair.
Cher is back
Mother Gothel is Cher

This movie is way better than the one supposedly originally developed… here’s an article from 2005 that makes Tangled look 100% different than what was going to come out of WDFA:

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Mars Needs Moms! Trailer

So this is it. The film I’ve worked on for over a year now as a rigger. I should have guessed Disney was going to put ALL the poop,fart and vomit jokes into the trailer. That’s the Disney marketing department! Enjoy.

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My Science Animation in Wall Street Journal!

inkling.com, a San Francisco based iPad textbook start-up was featured in the Wall Street Journal yesterday. And my Microtubule animation for Eva Nogales of UC Berkeley is in the piece! Click on the image below and go check it out. This is pretty exciting!
micro tubules on the ipad for Inkling.com

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Slow Motion

Made this short piece with Matthew Ward and Steve Kirchner. Playing around with the Canon 7D slow motion settings.  I got to act in it and be a real doofus. It was a lot of fun.  I got to make a lot of cartoony facial expressions!

“Slow Motion” from Matthew Ward on Vimeo.

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Something Left, Something Taken

This is a great little short! I found it on drawn.ca. It reminds me why I want a garage. I want a place to make stuff like this. There is also an amazing “making of” detailing how they did the photography, 3D, prop-making on their blog:

Something Left, Something Taken- Full Version from Tiny Inventions on Vimeo.

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New Poster for Presentation!

Here’s the poster for the presentation next week! I love it. Bishop never looked soo good! Thanks Bobby Beck!

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War in North Overland Teaser Rigs

So I had the privilege of working with my friend Todd Widup on two rigs for this trailer. I rigged the Dwarf and the Troll.

I spent days on the Troll rig and in the end it only got 12 frames on screen! Not even a second on screen. Hilarious. But that’s the way editing works. And I believe in the art of editing so that’s the way it goes. It’s a pretty decent trailer. check it out:

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